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Welcome to Utillz.com, a place of discovery, inspiration, and endless possibilities. Our WordPress themes are designed to inspire you and help you create the platform of your dreams. With flexible drag-and-drop UI and customizable elements like listing fields, custom taxonomies, page layouts, search forms, review criteria, submission forms, action types, and more, you can bring your vision to life. Our team of experts is dedicated to your satisfaction, and we offer friendly and fully dedicated support to help you every step of the way. Let us guide you on your journey to success.

Unlocking Creative Potential

We are evolving every day to provide

Customization Flexibility

Our WordPress themes offer a high level of customization, empowering users to adapt their website's appearance and functionality to their specific needs.

Responsive Design

We understand the needs of users well. Hence, we worked on every theme design to make it responsive enough so that users can use it without worrying about their website’s functionality.

Quality Options to Choose

We choose quality or quantity, and our six WordPress themes can become your stepping stones to creating a responsive, attractive, and user-friendly website.

Utillz - Strengthening Your WordPress Journey with Intuitive Designs and Expert Customizations

Explore Utillz’s user-friendly WordPress themes for seamless website management. Benefit from updates, unparalleled support, 
and advanced WP customization by our skilled team with a decade of expertise.


With our WordPress theme's user-friendly interface, you'll experience seamless navigation and intuitive controls that make managing your website a breeze. Say goodbye to the headache of complicated interfaces.

Regular Updates
and Support

Our regularly updated WordPress theme ensures seamless website management with the latest features and security. Enjoy responsive support for an optimal user experience.

Advanced WordPress

We offer premium WP themes and expert theme customization services. Our skilled team tailors solutions to meet your needs. With a decade of experience in WordPress theme craft, we bring seamless solutions to the table.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Utillz is the place on the internet, determined to provide its visitors with the best. You will find six best-performing WordPress themes, including Brikk, Heilz, Olam, and more, at reasonable prices.
You should check out the features and support we provide with every theme. Also, the prices are reasonable, and we constantly update our themes with the latest features so that your site is one step ahead of others.
Our themes are listed on Themeforest under Utillz and Webnester profiles. When you visit our site, Utillz.com, visit the desired theme page. You will be redirected to the Utillz/Webnesters Themeforest profile, where you can pay after signing in.
We accept payments via credit card and PayPal. If you want to opt for other payment methods, you can contact us.
You can download the theme updates without paying extra charges for a year from the date of purchase. After that, you must renew your purchase to continue downloading the updates.
You should renew your purchase of the desired theme in order to get access to all the upcoming updates again.
Yes, you can, but at a higher price. If you have any queries regarding lifetime access to the desired theme or price, you can contact our support team.
Definitely! We have a team of experts who will be just a call away. You can get help from our technical support team if you face any difficulty.
We have a support team who is eager to help you out. You need to go to the Contact Us page on our website and fill out the given form. Our support team will contact you within 24 hours.