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In the ever-evolving landscape of website creation, finding a reliable companion is paramount. Enter Brikk, a WordPress theme that transcends conventional templates, offering a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Brikk is the ultimate WordPress theme crafted for businesses, bloggers, and creatives. It provides a flawless user experience, dynamic customization, and unparalleled performance optimization.

Its responsive design, inherent SEO-friendliness, and compatibility with good plugins make it a go-to choice for mobile users, directory listing, and restaurant themes. Beyond a mere template, Brikk promises an immersive online experience where responsiveness meets dynamic customization. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll navigate the intricate details of Brikk and untie its features, performance, customization options, and user experiences.

Is Brikk Compatible with WordPress for Creating Online Directories?

Over time, the establishment and upkeep of online directories have evolved into one of the most prosperous forms of online ventures. This success owes much to the availability of directory software and various platforms that streamline the process of creating and maintaining directory websites.

While there exists a lot of website builders, platforms, and software options for building directory websites, our recommendation leans towards utilizing WordPress for the development of your online directory.
Feel free to skip this section if you are already acquainted with WordPress and understand its advantages. However, if you find yourself new to WordPress and are wondering whether the combination of WordPress and the Brikk WordPress directory listing theme is the best choice for crafting online directories, continue reading.
Numerous advantages come with using WordPress for your directory website, and here are just a few of them:
  1. WordPress is exceptionally user-friendly, allowing you to initiate the creation and management of your directory website without any prerequisite technical expertise. It caters to everyone, requiring no programming or coding skills to navigate this Content Management System (CMS).
  2. You get a lot of ready-to-use WordPress directory themes that make creating an online directory significantly more accessible with pre-programmed and professional directory website templates.
  3. WordPress is inherently SEO-friendly, presenting a substantial advantage for the long-term visibility and ranking of your website.
  4. You can easily integrate additional features into your WordPress website with the extensive selection of WordPress plugins.
  5. The expansive WordPress community, coupled with technical support from theme providers, can assist you in setting up and customizing your website—an essential aspect for those embarking on a new business venture.
Moreover, WordPress stands out for its high flexibility, open-source nature, and cost-free accessibility, providing countless reasons why it remains the optimal choice for constructing an online directory website.

Is Brikk, A Multipurpose Directory Theme?

Brikk is a versatile WordPress theme that provides a seamless user experience, dynamic customization, and unparalleled performance optimization. It is an excellent choice for businesses, bloggers, and creatives who are looking to create online directories. With its responsive design, inherent SEO-friendliness, and compatibility with good plugins, Brikk makes it easy to build and manage directory websites. Additionally, Brikk offers several monetization options, including AdMonetization, paid front-end listing submission, and featured listings on the homepage banner.

What Websites Can Be Built With Brikk Directory & Listing Theme?

Brikk is a versatile theme that offers the flexibility to build a variety of directories, such as a location-based directory, an automotive directory, an events directory, a review and rating directory, a restaurant directory, a real estate directory, job listing, or a city guide website, etc.

This theme proves highly useful for creating fully functional business websites capable of generating passive income. With integrated Google Maps, it transforms into a comprehensive information portal, providing navigation and directions for end-users.

Harness the theme’s capabilities by creating categories and allowing businesses to advertise on your city portal, with the added convenience of accepting online payments through the built-in payment systems.

Brikk Customization and Page Building

Brikk directory listing WordPress theme provides user-friendly customization features, allowing you to tailor your website extensively. The theme’s dashboard has well-organized options that facilitate modifying elements such as colors, fonts, and various aspects of your website.

Notably, Brikk smoothly integrates with the Elementor page builder, offering drag-and-drop functionality for easy page building. You can use the free version of Elementor or just switch to the pro version for more functionalities. This integration empowers you to transform the appearance of each element on your page effortlessly through drag-and-drop options.
These user-friendly customization features enable a complete makeover of your website’s aesthetics without requiring technical expertise. The ability to modify your site’s appearance without the need for design skills adds a delightful aspect to the customization process.
Furthermore, the well-organized options and settings prevent unintended design mishaps, ensuring a smooth process in achieving a personalized and professional look for your online directory website with the Directory WordPress Theme.

Is Brikk Theme Easy to Set Up and Manage?

Certainly, the Brikk WordPress directory theme is exceptionally user-friendly, making setup and management a breeze, even for beginners. Brikk is a premium WordPress theme crafted with the intention of being accessible to both new users and programming experts.
The backend of this theme is thoughtfully designed, featuring well-organized options that simplify the process of personalizing your website. Remarkably, everything within the Brikk WordPress Directory theme can be handled without editing a single line of code. If you want to change anything in the codes, you can, but only when you know.

Birkk Directory & Listing WordPress Theme Documentation

Whether you’re a WordPress expert or a newbie, having access to the theme’s documentation is crucial, as it provides insights into individual elements and the functionality of your theme.
The Brikk WordPress theme offers comprehensive documentation featuring different sections covering various topics. This extensive knowledge base is a valuable resource, aiding in finding answers and understanding everything about your theme.
In case, the documentation is not sufficient, you can rely on theme support. The dedicated experts at the help center respond to queries with helpful answers, ensuring that any doubts or confusion are addressed effectively.

Multiple Monetization Options

When building a commercial directory, having a directory website template that offers diverse options to convert visitors into paying customers is essential. The Brikk WordPress theme, in particular, provides a variety of options designed to facilitate monetization through your website. Integrating the most effective money-making tools through these available features becomes easy, allowing you to harness them efficiently and generate revenue from your website.

AdMonetize your Brikk Directory

One of the best methods to generate income with the Brikk theme is by showcasing advertisement banners on your directory & Listing website. Given the substantial traffic often associated with online directories, these advertisements have the potential to yield significant revenue relatively quickly.
The advertisements can be sponsored banners or from advertising networks, such as Google AdSense or Adsterra. Given that both types of advertisements are compatible, you can choose either option or implement both approaches to capitalize on revenue through advertisements.

Paid front-end listing submission

While building a website with the Brikk directory listing theme, an additional earning option enables paid listing submissions. Your directory not only functions as an advertising platform but also serves as an informational hub where visitors can seek relevant information.
Businesses seeking inclusion in your WordPress directory can opt to pay and submit their listings using the integrated submission form. The submission form and the entire paid submission process are pre-configured, simplifying the task for you. All that’s required is setting up the pricing packages, and you can promptly commence allowing paid submissions on your website to generate income.

Featured Listings on the Homepage banner

An additional option for monetizing your online directory involves offering featured listings. Occasionally, listing owners may desire enhanced visibility for their listings, opting to showcase their business prominently on your website.
The optimal location for featuring these listings is often on the homepage banner. Utilizing the Brikk directory theme, you have the flexibility to establish the price for the featured space and determine the duration for which the listing will be showcased at the specified cost, and that too on the homepage.

Brikk Features

Let’s systematically assess its features, starting from the site identity, menus, and widgets and progressing to custom code additions and other functionalities, to determine if investing your time in it is worthwhile.

Site Identity

The Brikk theme’s Site Identity feature is a pivotal aspect that allows users to customize fundamental details related to their website’s branding. Similar to other themes, this feature enables easy modification of essential elements such as the site title, logo, and tagline. However, what sets the Brikk theme apart is its commitment to maintaining user-friendly customization while incorporating advanced features.


The Menu tab doesn’t boast any unique features, but it provides a straightforward interface to edit menu locations, including the footer menu and the main header menu on your site. This tab facilitates the reorganization of menus and the addition of new menu options, including links to various sections of your site or external accounts.


The Brikk theme’s Widgets feature offers a range of customizable elements to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your website. Similar to other themes, Brikk provides a selection of widgets that can be easily added and arranged in widgetized areas, such as sidebars or footers.
With the Widgets feature, users have the flexibility to include various content elements, such as recent posts, categories, tags, and custom HTML, among others. The drag-and-drop functionality simplifies the process of arranging and organizing widgets within designated widget areas.

Additional CSS

The Additional CSS tab provides a means to adjust your site’s layout through coding. While this might not offer substantial advantages for beginners unfamiliar with CSS, it becomes a valuable asset for those well-versed in coding, offering enhanced control over the appearance and structure of their website.

Supports Custom Fields

Brikk WordPress theme for directory site is designed for listing directories that helps you establish custom fields for your directory listings. This flexibility enables the easy addition of additional fields to your listing page according to your preferences. Furthermore, you can edit, remove, or update existing fields as needed.
The custom fields can be set specifically to listing categories, allowing for distinct fields for different categories. This feature enhances the adaptability of the Brikk WordPress directory theme, making it suitable for diverse niches and enabling fully customized listings.

Brikk Pricing

Brikk stands out as one of the best-selling WordPress themes on the ThemeForest marketplace, offered at an affordable price of $79. Available for download directly from ThemeForest, this theme undergoes rigorous quality checks by the Envato studio and guarantees complimentary future updates upon release.
For the initial purchase price of $79, users receive six months of free technical support. Those seeking extended support can opt for an additional payment of $25.13, which extends the support period to a total of 12 months. Apart from this, you can also explore utillz.com to learn about Brikk in more detail.
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