Best WordPress Theme for Booking and Reservations

There are tons of themes that can offer you various WordPress theme – booking. Today, I would like to talk about one of the most powerful and flexible tool that could fit any business model.

Brikk is a premium Airbnb like WordPress theme with proven features. It is super fast and comes with amazing layouts. It comes with tons of handy options and tools.

WordPress Theme for Booking

As a result of our long research, we created 3 reservation methods that could match any booking system:
  • Action type daily booking (daily)
  • Action type hourly booking (hourly)
  • Action type appointments (time slots)

Learn more about action types and types of actions.

Demo Import

The installation is fast and easy. It also includes demo importer, that will re-create all the layouts from the presentation site in a few minutes.

Learn more about how to import the demo content.


As this is one of our products, we do offer fast and reliable support 24/7. Our team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have during the setup of your new platform.


In the first place, this theme is not just a regular responsive theme, it was made for mobile. Each of the layouts will adapt perfectly to each media device.


It is not only compatible with WooCommerce, but also fully powered by the amazing plugin (which is considered the best eCommerce platform for WordPress). This is why you can also use all the cool features it includes. Some of them: sale reports, cart, checkout, order history and a huge community.


As shown above, we offer flexible tools that will help you to build your desired platform for reservations. In conclusion, you can customize almost everything like field, create custom taxonomies, single listing page, listing box and more.

Monetize your business

The theme includes multiple earning methods, like submission plans, promotions, banners ads, fees, direct sales and reservations, here you can learn more.

User dashboard

First, the user dashboard will allow your customers to manage everything on their account, like listings, reservations, messages, notifications and more. Second, it will display useful reports and earnings.

Elementor Compatible

We are using Elementor to build advanced content like the front page and other important pages. It will help you to achieve any layout you may need.

Manage Booking Availability

Other handy tool you can use from your user dashboard is the availability calendar. Your customers can use it to disable or enable specific booking days. It could also help you to track your reservations.

Social Integration

Additionally, you can integrate all this with social sign ins like Facebook sign in and Google sign in.

Notifications and webhooks

We also support in-site notifications, system emails and webhooks for every important trigger in the theme like new messages or new reservations.

Here you can learn more about setting up the notification triggers.


This is just a few of all the features that Brikk offers. In conclusion, if you need something fast and powerful, this is the best choice for you.

View the live demo. Here you can also find the online documentation.

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