Change log

13 March 24
New Add a new filter in dashboard to filter listing according to their status in a particular listing type.
New In purchase action type we have added an option user can add download assets link.
Fix Fix the issue of "no results found" when a user clicks on a tag.
Fix Resolve the all responsive issues of all pages and listings.
Fix Fix warning messages on frontend dashboard, single listing and home page.
Imp Modify all theme and plugins files to make it compatible with latest PHP version.
9 Jan 24
Imp Update the WooCommerce theme templates.
Imp Modify the layout for account detail page on frontend dashboard
New Add custom taxonomies count in admin dashboard
New Add feature If the user is not logged in, the contribute button will display a login popup
Fix Modify the link in chat conversation not sending properly in message container
Fix Modify the payout entries not showing details properly in admin dashboard
Fix Fix the header notification icon design issue
Fix Fix warning errors on frontend dashboard
Fix Modify the entries page layout on frontend dashboard
5 Oct 23
Imp Update woocommerce outdated theme template files.
Imp Revise the design of the assets page within the frontend dashboard.
New Include a "Clear All Notifications" button in the frontend notification sidebar.
New Add Phone number field validation on sign up form.
New Add Sign out module with predefined key for mobile bar.
New Add RTL support in languages in installed language list.
New Add users email and phone number contact information on user profile page.
Fix Fixed some responsive design issues on home page sections on all devices.
Fix Fixed issues related to Elementor, including problems with colors, margins, and buttons.
20 Jun 23
Imp Updated the woocommerce theme templates files with latest version of woocommerce.
New Scrolling function with the left and right keyboard arrows keys on listing slider.
New ESC function to close the popup images of listings.
New Add FAQ field editor for listings.
New Delete media if listing is deleted from the admin dashboard.
New Add option for able to hide header notifications icon.
Fix Fixed the responsive issues of Images on home page listings and collections.
Fix Fixed the Google login issue.
Fix Fixed some responsive design issues on home page and others listing pages on all devices.
Fix Fixed the Audio field and video field issues in elemetor or single listing page.
16 Feb 23
Imp Updated the theme woocommerce templates files with latest version of woocommerce.
Imp Added commercial page to the demo import.
New Added the audio player field with audio key type (ulz_audio) in admin listing types.
New Added listing type filter in user dashboard on frontend.
Fix Fixed the pre loaders issue on buttons.
Fix Fixed the responsive issues of download button on single listings and other pages.
Fix Fixed some responsive design issues on all pages and devices.
30 Nov 22
Imp Responsive issues in iPad and mobile resolutions->search menu, my account page, user icons on listings.
Imp Resolved some designing issues:changed the mega menu color, my account page side bar, user icons on listings
Imp Redesign woocommerce thank you page.
Imp Redesign woocommerce order detail page on frontend and user dashboard.
New Change listings status pending/active on frontend user dashboard
New Added created date to the single listing page.
New Add video controllers (like video play and pause buttons)
New Add WYSIWYG editor in text area field in listing types.
Fix Add phone number field shown on user edit account page user dashboard.
Fix Heading background-image not reflecting.
Fix Fixed the mobile logo with using white logo.
Fix Checkout page redirect on purchase button.
Fix Fixed header text white on mobile view.
Fix Fixed search form giving relevant results.
Fix Fixed the working download button on listings.
Fix On demo import time error message shown in admin backend dashboard.
15 Sep 22
New Add google captcha option with theme during create acoount form.
Fix Some designing issues like set margin in Images, set articles items, headings margin issue, widgets headings, paragraph, h2,h4 fix input fields, buttons and content.
Fix Elementor color, margins and button issue.
Fix Elementor color, margins and button issue.
Imp Responsive issues in iPad and mobile resolutions.
7 Apr 22
Fix Compatibility issue with new version of Elementor, missing gaps
Fix Elementor plan widget, when the plan is for free
4 Dec 21
New New display type for single listing module Gallery: Download files
New Download history has been added: My account > Assets. Don't forget to re-save your permalink in order to obtain the new WooCommerce endpoint or you will get a 404 page
Fix Submission form issue
2 Dec 21
Fix Minor design fixes
Fix Removed `Free` pricing label, replaced with 0.00 and currency symbol
24 Nov 21
Fix Issue generating the subscription plan after purchase
Fix Google sign issue
17 Nov 21
New New demo — commercial
Fix Download panel placement on Safari browser
Fix Dark header, logo visibility
Fix Recurring plans - number of downloads was always showing `unlimited`
20 Oct 21
Fix Listing preview modal displaying more than 1 image while having multiple uploads
Imp Improved long text labels inside the collection thumbnails
Imp User dashboard messages - improved mobile layout
11 Oct 21
Fix Inline search filters layout
Fix PHP issue while activating Utillz Core plugin
Imp Filter styles
10 Oct 21
Fix Fixed box image gallery not loading next image
Fix Sign in issues
Fix PHP bug fixing
8 Oct 21
Fix Fix for a PHP error in the purchase action type
8 Oct 21
New Password protected collections were added
New Admin dashboard > listings: a new filter was added to search by listing type
Fix General bug fixes
1 Oct 21


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