We are using the default WordPress standards to make this theme compatible with 3rd party translation plugins. We do recommend the use of Loco Translate, which is a free translation plugin.

Text domains

As we mentioned, our end product is a combination of a theme and our core framework, provided by the Utillz Engine and Utillz Enhance plugins. The core files are injecting HTML templates directly from the plugins, which means, that we have separate translation files.

Text domains to translate: Brikk, Brikk Utilities, Routiz.

If you want to learn more about Loco translate, please follow this article, where you can find some beginner guides and useful information.

Automatic translation

Loco translate also allows you to translate your site automatically using a 3rd party service. You can use this feature as a starting point, learn more.

Missing strings after theme update

After a theme update, it is recommended to update your translations files. By doing so, you will get all the new strings that have been added with the new update. Simply edit your translation and click the sync button.

Missing translations after theme update

The most likely cause for translation files disappearing is that they were saved in a folder that’s writable by WordPress auto-updates. The same goes for files being mysteriously modified, or reverted to a previous state, learn more.

Other translation services

Other services that you can use for translations are Weglot and qTranslate-X.


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