What is iCalendar?

iCalendar is the standard Internet format for exchanging calendar information. It’s supported by most booking services including Airbnb and Booking.com.

iCalendar Import and Export

Brikk allows you to import and export iCalendar in just a few steps

  • You need to enable the option for the listing type by going to `Listing Reservations Enable iCalendar`
  • Also, you need to create a daily booking action type for the same listing type by going to `Listing Action Action Types`
  • Then, the users will see a new icons next to the listing actions in their dashboard:
  • This icon will open a new modal with the iCalendar information:

    The `export ical feed url` is where you will push your listing availability dates in ical format. You can use this source to push information to other systems.The `import iCal from external source` allows you to create multiple listeners for 3rd party systems. A cron job will check every hour for any changes, and if there is a change, it will be applied to your booking availability.

Check video of airbnb and smoobu for icalendar.

Smoobu video

Airbnb video


What about manually blocked dates? — The dates, that are being blocked manually, won’t be sent to your iCalendar sync. It is only for internal use.


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