Use custom period for iCalendar synchronization

The minimum recurrence by default is ‘hourly’. You can easily add a new interval schedule by doing the following using the ‘cron_schedules’ filter.

Add custom schedules

The following example will fire the cron job every 15 minutes:

add_filter( 'cron_schedules', 'cron_add_15_min' );
function cron_add_15_min( $schedules ) {
   // Adds to the existing schedules.
   $schedules['15_min'] = array(
       'interval' => 900,
       'display' => __( 'Once Every 15 Min' )
   return $schedules;

Change the schedule

You can find the scheduled event in \routiz\inc\src\install.php

Then find the following line of code:

wp_schedule_event( time(), 'hourly', 'routiz_scheduled_ical_sync' );

and replace it with:

wp_schedule_event( time(), 'cron_add_15_min', 'routiz_scheduled_ical_sync' );

Save the changes and go to your Plugins. Deactivate Routiz and activate it back again in order to flush the scheduled events.


Can I debug cron jobs? — Yes, you can use this plugin to debug the scheduled crons.


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