Custom fonts

If you like to use your own font, you can easily manage this. First, open the Google Font library and pick a font.

  • Then, Navigate to your admin dashboard, and go to Listing Types Theme Settings Site Fonts
  • Go to Google Fonts and pick some font you like. We will use Poppins for this example.
  • Select the weights of the font and copy the font declaration only: Poppins:[email protected];700
  • Copy and paste the font declaration into the font field:
  • Now that you have loaded the font, navigate to Appearance Customize Additional CSS, and add the following CSS code:
    :root {
        --font-heading: 'Poppins'; // use for the heading font
        --font-body: 'Open Sans'; // use for the body font

For self-hosted fonts, you can use 3rd party plugins like this one.


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